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Joan Ferrer.


Innovation: part of Ferrer’s DNA

An opinion from Joan Ferrer, CEO, published in the April-June 2014 edition of Món Empresarial.

“Ferrer sees innovation as more than just inventing a new product in the lab. We specialize in premium quality products prepared following traditional recipes – the ones that our grandmother would have cooked. Our mission is to offer these same products in a format that makes life easier and more convenient for consumers without compromising taste and quality. We are aware of changing lifestyles, where time is in short supply and cooking from scratch is a rare occurrence. We strongly believe this lack of time should not compromise eating excellent quality traditional food.  An example of such product is the latest Spanish Cocido Soup with Meatballs presented at Innoval during Alimentaria 2014.

The head of R&D and Innovation works between the kitchen and the lab. The department is not a separate unit solely dedicated to “innovating”. We see innovation as a requirement across all departments and professionals in the company. The commitment to innovation is as strong in Management, Quality, Marketing teams as it is in other departments where we regularly receive inputs from- even our consumers are a great source of ideas.-"

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