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Vegan lentil burgerBy 40e6533718Tasty, healthy and homemade! Vegetarian burgers are ideal to enjoy and take care of yourself at the same time.
Mixed mushrooms piesBy 40e6533718An ideal recipe for the autumn season, with the rich mushroom flavour and delicious pastry giving it a warm, comforting touch. Perfect to share for a good time in the best company.
Xató saladBy 40e6533718Xató is a Catalan winter salad, typical of the coastal area of El Garraf and El Penedés. It is made with typical products of the area and with a different Xató Sauce used in each town. In this case we present a personalized recipe with Xató Ferrer sauce.
Deluxe HamburgerBy 40e6533718Ferrer’s Chipotle Barbecue sauce enhances the rich taste of the meat for a delicious, flavoursome burger.
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