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Tasty recipes to try at home

Truffled Beef Wellington

Truffled Beef Wellington

Recipe for special occasions

Organic vegan lentil burger

Vegan lentil burger

Organic, vegan recipe

pies of mushrooms Ferrer

Mixed mushrooms pies

A delicious recipe using seasonal products

Tagliatelle with carbonara of chestnuts, truffle and pumpkin shot

Tagliatelle with Chestnut and Truffle Carbonara

Rich and delicious autumnal recipe

Caviar Ferrer Lentil Selection Salad

Lentil salad with spinach and cherry tomato

An energising and nutritious salad!

Xató salad

An easy-to-make, healthy dish

Duck breast with Black Trumpet mushrooms and pumpkin

An elegant and sophisticated recipe to delight your guests.

Mashed potato with poached eggs and truffles

A simple, elegant dish for special occasions.

Deluxe Hamburger

Gourmet homemade burger for meat lovers.

Lobster Casserole with Rice

This Lobster Casserole is a staple of Mediterranean cuisine.

Ganxet beans with clams

Simple recipe full of flavour.

Romesquet of prawns flambéed in cognac

A delicious seafood dish, easy and quick to prepare, ideal for special occasions.

Rice casserole

How to prepare a delicious rice casserole in the blink of an eye.

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